Business Litigation Lawyers

A Versatile, Resourceful Business Law Firm

The mere possibility of having to take a dispute to court makes many business owners and stakeholders recoil from a vision of valuable time lost and costs spiraling out of control. In a time of intense economic turmoil and upheaval, when every financial move can be pivotal, decisions on whether and how to pursue your interests are more challenging than ever before.

These factors make your choice of a law firm to advise and represent you especially critical. The process must start with exploration of critical questions:

  • Are there funds or assets available — even if bankruptcy is part of the equation?
  • Are you on solid legal ground?
  • Are there practical alternatives to a lawsuit for reaching favorable resolution and keeping your dispute out of the media and public eye?

Seasoned Litigation Attorneys

From savvy guidance in front-end decision-making to aggressive representation at trial, our team of lawyers is a proven resource for you or your business in matters such as:

  • Debt collection efforts, bankruptcy proceedings, and other crucial steps for recovering and protecting your assets
  • Real estate disputes, breach of contract cases and business ownership disputes
  • Breach of lease, eviction, foreclosure litigation, lien and title disputes, and other commercial real estate disputes
  • Business injury or business interruption claims and coverage
  • Partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, business ownership disputes and controversies over business succession — including those within families
  • Other complex financial matters, including lender liability disputes, promissory note litigation and enforcement of confessed judgments

If The Stakes Are High For You And Your Business, Turn To Our Law Firm

Our team of seasoned, dedicated business litigation attorneys, led by Paul Sweeney, James R. Schraf and Lawrence Yumkas, brings decades of high-stakes case experience to the table. That experience ranges across the spectrum of complex litigation, bankruptcy court litigation, insurance defense, asset recovery and other types of litigation in federal and state courts.

To discuss any significant business dispute that requires superior trial experience, contact us at Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC.