Insurance Disputes – Claims & Coverage

Insurance Defense

Our law firm defends insurers in first and third-party disputes and defends policyholders in liability claims as well. We provide the following services related to insurance:

  • Defense of third-party property and casualty claims
  • Prosecution and defense of insurance coverage claims
  • Defense of direct actions and bad faith claims
  • Defense of professionals, including accountants, insurance agents and brokers, real estate agents and brokers, and title insurance agents

We provide prompt and thorough evaluations and opinions of the merits of any claim before the litigation process begins or early in litigation depending on the needs of the particular case.

Claims Against Insurers

Our law firm is a proven, versatile resource for businesses in disputes over high-value insurance claims. Our attorneys have represented clients in trials and appeals in state and federal courts. We handle complex matters across the spectrum of insurance litigation.

Our Focus

Our practice is focused on guiding the insurance and non-insurance client with an insurance dispute through a variety of forums including bankruptcy, litigation, and all forms of alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.


We invite you to contact us for a consultation on your potential case or your ongoing defense needs as an insurer.

Attorneys Focusing on this Practice Area

Relevant Cases

Tart v. American National Fire Insurance Company, 576 A.2d 1353 (D.C. 1990)

Declaratory judgment action against automobile insurer seeking defense of insured after altercation outside motor vehicle resulting in the death of a third party. Insurer found to have no duty to defend. Learn more by clicking here.

Gonzalez v. Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund, 628 A.2d 101 (D.C. 1993)

Action by insured against his uninsured motorist insurer seeking coverage for taxi he owned but was not listed in the policy.  Exclusion in policy precluded coverage and was not void as against public policy.  Learn more by clicking here.

FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc. v. George Washington University, 209 F. Supp. 2d 232 (D.D.C. 2002)

Action by benefit plan administrator against agent for breach of non-solicitation of administrator’s customers.  Agent referral of customer to another benefit provider was breach of agreement.  Plaintiff suffered no damages and was entitled to $1 in damages and was not entitled to recovery of attorneys’ fees per the contract with agent.  Learn more by clicking here.

Cooper v. Berkshire Life Insurance Company, 148 Md. App. 41 (2002)

Action by insured against life insurer and its agent in vanishing premium policy.  Factual issues precluded summary judgment in favor of insurer and agent. Learn more by clicking here.

Saylab v. Don Juan Restaurant, Inc., 332 F. Supp. 2d 134 (D.D.C. 2004)

Action against insurer and agent based on agent’s failure to advise restaurant owner of availability of liquor liability coverage.  Action was brought by estates of deceased victims of accident involving intoxicated patron of restaurant.  Agent owed no duty to tort victims to advise restaurant owner concerning coverage. Learn more by clicking here.

Address v. Millstone, 208 Md. App. 62 (2012)

Action by client against life insurance agent for fraud in the sale of certain life insurance policies.  Client lacked standing to bring action as policies in question were held in an irrevocable trust.  Agent not liable for breach of contract regarding policies not in the trust as insured devised the life insurance structure without assistance of agent.

For a copy of the court’s decision, please click here.

Defense of insurance agent in action brought by insured.

Defense of insurance agent in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.  Plaintiff alleged that the agent was negligent in procuring coverage that insured for fire loss. Defendant agent filed a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim.  The District Court granted the motion as the agent provided the coverage requested by the insured.

Defense of insurance agent in action brought by insured.

Defense of insurance agent in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County.  Plaintiff alleged that the agent was negligent in procuring insurance coverage that provided coverage for water damage.  The case was dismissed with prejudice as to the agent without payment on the part of the agent.

Counsel to financial institution in Wisp Ski Resort bankruptcy.

Representing a secured creditor/financial institution in all aspects of the Wisp ski resort bankruptcy proceedings.

Sale of Baltimore company in Chapter 11 proceeding for $26 million.

Playing a key role in the representation of a Chapter 11 proceeding involving a Baltimore company that resulted in the sale of the debtor’s business for $26 million; the deal was recognized by Global M&A Network. Ms. Hopkin’s involvement included high-level coordination and negotiation with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation regarding termination of the debtor’s pension plan.