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We represent debtors, creditors, investors, buyers and trustees in all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York. We are mobile and uniquely positioned to handle your interests and act decisively to protect them.

A key area of focus includes representing businesses grappling with financial difficulties, debt burdens and insolvency and related litigation in state and federal court. This is a clear strength for a firm led by experienced attorneys, recognized as pre-eminent in their field. Our attorneys include past presidents and current board members of the Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland and leaders in the International Women’s Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation.

Business Law Counsel and Negotiation, Mediation, or Litigation

Our prowess in business and complex bankruptcy law, as well as out-of-court workouts and litigation, is widely acknowledged.

Businesses turn to our firm for sound counsel in dealing with today’s volatile business climate. We counsel clients throughout the multiple phases of Chapter 11 and reorganization proceedings, from commencement to plan confirmation, handling matters ranging from straightforward Chapter 11 cases to complex restructurings. In addition, we provide zealous advocacy in related bankruptcy litigation.

Our Ability and Credibility: An Asset For You

Our clients range from small and family business owners to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies to high net-worth individuals. We have handpicked our roster of dedicated lawyers to offer excellence in the delivery of collaborative, top-quality legal services. To discuss your immediate or long-term business needs and legal options, contact us.

Attorneys Focusing on this Practice Area

Relevant Cases

In re: 207 Redwood LLC

Counsel to debtor in sale of hotel project.

In re: Recreational Industries, Inc. t/a WISP Resort

Counsel to debtors in sale of regional ski resort, golf course and real estate project. Finalist in M&A Advisor 2013 Real Estate Deal of the Year.

Directed debtors’ successful bankruptcy auction sale of WISP Resort and dozens of valuable real estate lots in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in Maryland.

In re: USinternetworking, Inc.

Local counsel to prevailing defendant in published summary judgment opinion (310 B.R. 274 (Bankr. D. Md. 2004)) holding that debtor was judicially stopped from bringing cause of action that it had knowingly failed to disclose as an asset in its schedules, disclosure statement or plan.

In re: Michael Bogdan and Inner City Management, LLC

Counsel for prevailing appellant trustee in Fourth Circuit on appeals of District Court and Bankruptcy Court decisions establishing significant national law providing that (1) unconditional assignment by mortgage lenders of whatever claims they had against debtors’ alleged coconspirators, with no right to share in trustee’s recovery except pro rata with other creditors of estate, was sufficient to give trustee standing to prosecute these assigned claims, and (2) doctrine of in pari delicto did not apply to prevent Chapter 7 trustee, as unconditional assignee of mortgage lenders, from pursuing causes of action that lenders had against debtors’ alleged co-conspirators. [In re Bogdan, 414 F.3d 507 (4th Cir. 2005)]

In re: After Six, Ltd., et al.

Debtors’ counsel for world renowned manufacturer and licensor for men’s formal wear. Planned Chapter 11 liquidation resulted in unsecured creditors being repaid 96% of their claims against the debtors’ estate.


In re: Baltimore & Charles Associates, LLC

Debtor’s counsel in mixed use office, retail and hotel building owner liquidation in Chapter 11 in Maryland. Building was converted into condominiums and sold in three distinct use pieces to different buyers per confirmed plan.

In re: Fairfax Crossing LLC and Fairfax Crossing II LLC

Debtors’ counsel in Chapter 11 bankruptcy case for commercial and residential real estate development in the Northern District of West Virginia. Case resulted in successful reorganization pursuant to a confirmed plan.

In re: PJCOMN Acquisition Corporation

Debtor’s counsel in a Maryland Chapter 11 bankruptcy case for 72 store Papa John’s franchisee with operations in Colorado and Minnesota. Case resulted in the successful auction sale of all stores and a structured dismissal after a material distribution to unsecured creditors.

In re: Flat Out Crazy LLC

Secured creditor’s counsel in the bankruptcy cases of two restaurant chains in the Southern District of New York.

In re: First Mariner Bankcorp

Local and co-counsel to debtor in bank holding company’s Maryland Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The case featured the successful auction sale of the debtor’s operating subsidiary and a confirmed plan of liquidation.