Land Use/Zoning

Our Land Use, Zoning and Real Estate Development practice group is a regional leader in the entire spectrum of land use and zoning issues, from traditional planning, zoning and building permit cases to complex development review and approval processes. We counsel developers, builders, governmental entities, non-profit institutions, and other local, national and international businesses on development projects from initial due diligence through construction and eventual sale and disposition of built properties. Our success stems from our ability to work collaboratively with the teams of technical experts, various governmental agencies, and local communities to develop efficient and cost effective strategies. Our ability to serve our clients stretches throughout Anne Arundel County, Maryland the City of Annapolis, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

Development and Regulatory Approvals

Beginning with planning and zoning and extending through the administrative land use process, we work with each client to provide thoughtful and incisive input and leadership while working with technical consultants and regulators to maximize value. These development and regulatory review processes include:

  • Participation in comprehensive planning efforts, including General Development Plan, Comprehensive Zoning, Master Water and Sewer Plan amendments, and Septic Growth Tier issues.
  • Piecemeal rezoning applications.
  • Variance and Special Exception applications.
  • Nonconforming uses, including their expansion.
  • Minor and major subdivisions.
  • Mixed Use and Planned Unit Developments.
  • Site Development Plan applications.
  • Forest Conservation, Stormwater Management Plans and Sediment & Erosion Control
  • Adequate Public Facility Review –Traffic, School and Sewer Capacity Studies, Management Plans, Agreements and Exactions.
  • Credits and Agreements related to impact fees.
  • Permit applications.
  • Critical Area Act, and other issues relating to waterfront and riparian-zone development.
  • County, State and Federal environmental permits and authorizations.
  • Cultural resources review, including review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Local and State Advocacy

We are known for building and maintaining professional relationships with the legislative and administrative leaders, decision-makers and regulatory staff of our local and state level governments. Given our decades of land use and development experience, we can play a critical role in shaping policy for our clients.

Appeals and Litigation

When litigation cannot be avoided, our lawyers represent clients through the administrative and regulatory appeals, as well as related civil proceedings before State and Federal Courts. We analyze and present arguments challenging the arbitrary nature of governmental action and such issues as takings, procedural and substantive due process, equal protection, statutory compliance, and uniformity in the application of laws and regulations.

Repositioning of Distressed Real Estate Assets

In turbulent financial times, our attorneys assist with preserving permits and entitlements, and in assisting property owners, investors, and lenders on repositioning distressed real estate assets. Our attorneys understand the development rights associated with real property, and can assist in maximizing their value.

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